Chemical Cleaner

Chemical Cleaner Data Sheets & MSDS

DJAW-10 is a long chained alcohol based stencil cleaner with a concentrated additive that is 100% compatible with all AIM solder pastes. DJAW-10 offers a faster evaporation rate than DJAW. DJAW-10 is formulated for application by hand or automated dispensing equipment. Unlike other stencil cleaners, AIM stencil cleaners help to reduce solder paste dry-out while enhancing its release from even the finest apertures, allowing a greater number of print cycles between cleaning. The use of DJAW-10 stencil cleaner eliminates pause to print dry out issues when used with NC257-2 paste.

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Common Flux Thinner is a solvent that is used to thin Water Soluble, No Clean and RMA fluxes in foaming and some spray applications. Common Flux Thinner is typically used in conjunction with the AIM n.020 Titration Kit. Use of Common Flux Thinner is suggested when the flux acid number is too high due to solvent evaporation or residues increase due to evaporation. Follow the instructions outlined in the AIM n.020 Titration Kit procedure when diluting flux products.

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Common Flux Thinner